Bardon Master Bedroom


Refurbishing a master bedroom is quite a personal matter – consequently, this commission for STS Interiors was a special mark of confidence.

The existing mushroom wall colour and natural off-white carpet were much liked by the owners, so the parameters were set. The ambience of the room has changed considerably by replacing the original roller blinds with silver-grey linen sheers and blockout lining. A new bed with an upholstered felt bedhead was sourced. On it sits a sea of beige and emerald cushions which tone with a much loved armchair reupholstered in petrol-blue felt. It is perhaps the hero of the piece. Two glass bulb pendants serve as bedside table lamps. A Danish modernist bank of drawers completes the room, all together a warm and cosy, elegant yet modest setting. The new hanging of some paintings of the owners’ exquisite art collection just fell into place.

Photography: Alicia Taylor, Gary McDonald
Artworks: Keith Burt, Robert Dickerson, Jason Fitzgerald, Vivien Hart, Minnie Pwerle, Ben Quilty